Hi I'm Phoenix

I am a natural light lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, California. When I'm not capturing beautiful people on camera, I'm at home obsessively cleaning, walking my dog or, on some awesome road trip exploring this world. There's really no in between. 

I've been obsessed with photography my whole life, I have numerous amounts of crates and photo albums (those good old school ones that are now yellow) of photos I've taken over the years of all my friends and family. The feeling of capturing a moment and making people smile never went away. I'm lucky enough to turn it into a career. So yea, I'm super romantic and sentimental.

I love getting hyped on matcha and talking business and strategy with small business owners, writing affirmations, painting, adding things to my vision board, doing yoga, and watching tv (reruns, classical black & whites, a really good comedy film, and family movies) you name it. I love watching Friends, Rear Window and Coco. I enjoy annoying my wife and son, going on hikes, reading and taking midday naps.

Who I Am In A Nutshell


- Family is based on love, all are welcomed and equal.

- Pregnancy is the happiest reason ever to feel like crap. 

- The universe is responding to who you believe you are.

- Always listen to your body and do whatever you need to do (rest, cry, run, eat, scream) because you matter just as much. 


- Iced matcha is always a good idea.

- High school & travel basketball mom is life.

- I had a micro wedding in July 2020! #LoveWins

- Experience > Things

- Crazy plant lady

- I enjoy people watching because I love human interaction and watching nonverbal communication... which may be why I enjoy photography so much.