February doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the best months of the year. From Black History Month to Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot to celebrate in this short month. 

Everyday is Valentine’s Day when you’re with your loved one, right? If it’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s to be creative and have fun at-home. If you’re like me, going out on Valentine’s Day just isn’t the perfect idea of fun or romance, after all, it is one of the busiest holidays. So why not save the headache, money and have a stress free date night in your own love nest.

Below are just a few simple ways you can have a romantic night in.

1. have a dance party!

What’s a date night without some music? The perfect way to have fun throughout the night is to dance the night away with a virtual dance class or turn on your favorite playlist (or make your own). 

Not only can you start the night off by loosening up the mood with music and dancing, but you can keep the music going all night –  switching up the vibes with different activities. 

“Alexa, play Valentine’s Day - R&B Love songs.”

2. Play barista for the day

Grab your favorite mug (or glass) and make your favorite drinks! Whether you enjoy a good matcha latte or a glass of wine, don’t forget to pour yourself a drink before starting any activities you have planned. 

3. bake your favorite dessert

Spending time in the kitchen together is a great way to connect with your partner. 

Here are a few quick and easy baking recipes you can do together.

4. Classic Quality Time

Honestly some good quality time (QT) is why we're here. New year, new goals, am I right? Talk to your partner about what you want to accomplish this year as a couple and as an individual. As humans, we are always changing and evolving so it’s always good to reconnect and re-learn each other's dreams and goals. 

You can also: 

5. Photoshoot

Grab your phone, a phone stand (or prop it up against something), set the timer on your phone, and have a fun photoshoot! Get silly and love on your partner more with a phone photoshoot