It’s amazing how much your baby has changed as they approach their 6-month mark or their half birthday! They’ve gone from a snuggly little newborn to a giggling, almost (if not already) sitting and eating solid foods, little human! 

You have accomplished so much as a parent in those first 6 months and so has your little one, so why not celebrate?! There is a growing trend to celebrate half birthdays and here are some ideas to help make celebrating a little bit easier for you!

1. Photoshoot in your Backyard

There is no better way to celebrate a half birthday than with an outdoor photoshoot. The best part is, you can do it in the comfort of your backyard! 

Don’t worry, if you don’t like the way your backyard looks you can simply hang up a plain bedsheet as a background. Add another blanket on the floor for your baby to move around on. Simply, decorate with balloons and snap away! 

As a natural light photographer, the sunlight is the best light source. So outside is always a good idea.

2. put Baby in a basket or chair

6-month-old babies are very small, so they usually can fit in a picnic basket. However, as I mentioned before, some 6-month-old kiddos might not be able to sit up by themselves, just yet. We put baby Wes in his bumbo floor booster seat and wrapped a blanket around it. You can decorate the basket or booster seat with balloons, ribbons, or other decorations.

To switch things up, you can lay them on the blanket on their backs or stomach for some fun tummy time.

3. milestone board

Milestone boards are a fun way to document all that your almost one-year-old has accomplished! The board is a great addition to look back on in photos as your little gets older.

4. Use numbers

What's a birthday celebration without numbers? You can use a large wooden ½ sign and place it near your little model. You can use other ½ decor such as balloons, banners, or hats.

5. use additional props

It isn’t necessary to go the extra mile when choosing props. You can find some really nice cheap props at Michael’s or the 99 cent store (they always have seasonal things). Make sure to add some festive vibes that go along with the theme for the month. The autumn theme for Wes' half birthday was perfect for November fall vibes. The props were simple – fake leaves, pumpkins, and a few blankets.

6. have fun!

Remember to have fun with it! This shouldn’t be stressful. Play some of your baby’s favorite tunes or lullabies, make silly faces, and tickle them – capture their cute giggles and silly laughter!

still wondering if celebrating a half birthday is something you want to do?

While not everyone celebrates a half birthday, it will show your kiddo that you can always find a reason to celebrate yourself. With a mixture of “just because” and loose reasoning for timing a party (depending on the season), celebrating a half birthday can be both casual and special for that halfway mark!

You might celebrate because…

  • Their birthday falls on a popular holiday or vacation time and they aren't able to celebrate with their friends.
  • A popular holiday or event falls around the same time and you don’t want their birthday to be overshadowed by it.
  • Half-birthday celebrations aren’t just for their first half-birthday, you can apply it any half year.
  • Grandparents want their own special day to celebrate.
  • Just because!