Dom and Amél wanted their photoshoot to represent who they are: chill and laid back. They thought about doing a cooking session since Amél loves to cook authentic Moroccan cuisine. While I have always wanted to do an in-home photoshoot, I suggested they just go for a drive and meet me in one of Malibu’s many canyons. 

When I first met them, we greeted each other with hugs (finally the COVID band is slowly being lifted) and we started shooting. I didn’t have to give much direction (just where to sit in the car), the chemistry between these two was just there. 

The best part of this session was how funny they were. We kept needing to try more serious or romantic poses over again because they would laugh at the sound of my camera shutter going off.  

I love capturing people as their authentic selves, it really makes for the best sessions.