The Couple

I had so much fun shooting with Noelle and Max, not just because they brought champagne, but they made me fully aware that they were planning on having some fun.  It’s natural for couples to get nervous in front of the camera, but they were ready to bring their PDA game! 

Okay so these amazing folks met in 2013, “Max had just arrived in the United States to start college, and I was preparing for a study abroad trip to France. Even though he barely spoke any English and I only had a few months before I had to leave the county, we were inseparable.”

When Noelle came back in 2014, they made it official, “Within the next 2 years we ended up getting a house and puppy together. Now we are closer than ever and don't see our love story stopping anytime soon!”

Not only is Noelle the prettiest girl in the world to Max, she is also his best friend, “My confidant, the person with whom I laughed most and be myself. She is the person with which I shared the most amazing moments of my life, and plenty more to come.” Noelle loves that Max is thoughtful, caring, sweet, and funny, “The thing I love most about him is how selfless and good-hearted he is. I can't imagine a day without him.” The most romantic thing about these two is the spark when their song "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake randomly comes on, “The radio in a store or the car and we just look at each other, smile, and just feel lucky to have found each other.” 


Another fun fact about these two is, the day after they met they headed to the beach and it was one of their best days ever.

The Location

If you know me by now, you know not only do I love doing photoshoots at the beach, but I absolutely love beaches in Malibu. Afterall, the best sunset view is here. 


El Matador Beach is located in Malibu, CA and is one of SoCal’s most popular beaches. It’s best known for the three collections of cliffs. I always warn people about the steep walk down to get to the beach (Wear flats!), you have to walk down a hill, two long stairways and skip over a few rocks before getting to the sand. There is a parking lot that you can pay a fee of $3 an hour (but it’s usually full) and street parking available. 


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