We met at the pier on a Monday— thinking it would be less crowded, but it was still kind of busy. Stephanie and Evan arrived early so they were hanging out at a restaurant having a beer. Making the photoshoot playlist for Stephanie and Evan was so much fun.  Without a doubt these two warned me that they may sing along to some 90’s R&B and Rock songs — the beach party with these two kicked off by the pier.

The Couple

Stephanie and Evan met online — on Bumble and have dated for just over two years. They love traveling together and enjoying the random special moments. Once on vacation, they arrived before their group of friends so they put some music on— a slow song came on — they slow-danced in each other’s arms. Stephanie said, “It was so simple and not planned, but I felt so happy and connected in that moment.”  

Stephanie shared they’re no stranger to romantic dance parties. “We also have dance parties in our living room —  including full-length video mimicking, Single Ladies and Thriller. It's so fun and we laugh out loud. Just those silly moments make me so happy and make us so connected.”

Evan loves the way Stephaine makes him laugh, “She is always creating silly songs or making stupid jokes. My favorite physical feature is Stephanie's eyes and red hair.” The most attractive thing to Stephaine about Evan is his mind, “He is smarter than me, and it drives me crazy because I am competitive. Physically, I love his smile and his butt!”

The Proposal

Evan proposed to Stephaine at the Santa Monica Pier on the ferris wheel so it was important to add it throughout the session.


Stephaine didn’t see the proposal coming, “I was in total shock. Total shock. For days. We always talked about someday, but not specific timelines. I thought we were still about a year away.  So, honestly my reaction was blank and confused. But after the initial shock wore off, I felt honored that he knew and wanted to make his intentions known. It made me feel loved, cared for, protected, and guided.  I am a feminist, but this was a moment that I felt happy that he guided the pace of our relationship.”


The couple is keeping their wedding plans simple, “About 30 people in October 2022.” They want to encourage others, “Don't give up finding the right one. And don't get bitter and cynical. Let the trauma of your past go. Someone good will come along, but make sure your heart is open and ready to receive them.”