The Couple

Stephaine and Paul have been together for seven years, they both work at a hospital and met there, “We love watching movies, hiking, going to explore different places, camping, eating, Disneyland! We are very laid back and casual, we like to joke around and have fun.”

One of their most romantic times together was the trip they took as a couple to San Francisco, “It was for Valentine's Day and we got all dolled up and we're walking the town, but then decided to rent some bikes and bike the golden gate bridge. We ended up soaked with sweat after that bike ride coming back through the hills. But it was amazing”

Stephaine loves how kind Paul is, “He really has the biggest heart.”  He is patient, makes her laugh and feel loved. Paul loves Stephaine’s  selflessness and her beauty both inside and out, “The ability to put other needs in front of her own without hesitation.” Their advice to other couples, “Listen to each other. Look for your best friend.”

The Proposal

Stephaine and Paul love a good Sunday Brunch (I mean who doesn’t?), but due to COVID they made it happen at home. One Sunday morning in May, “We were having a good time just the two of us listening to music, dancing, laughing, and having mimosas. Then Paul says to look at the fridge (we had alphabet letters on it) and it said "be my wife" and I turned around and he was on one knee with a ring in hand.”


They went to Steaphiane’s parents house to share the amazing news and celebrate. Later, Stephaine found out Paul was planning to propose in March at the Grand Canyon during their trip, “Paul didn't know how long this would go so he proposed in May.”


The couple is planning for a small wedding in Lake Arrowhead this summer. 

The Location

The Griffith Observatory is an iconic Los Angeles spot, looking over the city and with the Hollywood sign in clear sight.   


Although Griffith Observatory has been closed during the pandemic and you can’t go throughout the building (or the top), many people still visit to sight-see and to go on a walk or hike. There is a parking lot but it usually fills up fast (yes, even in the pandemic) there is also street parking available but bring your hiking shoes. After noon, parking is $15 an hour and they only charge by the hour so it’s best to get there earlier rather than later.