Sashia and Brittany traveled from Kansas to not only take their engagement photo, but also to celebrate Sashia's birthday.

The Couple

Sashia and Brittany have been together for 5 years. “We actually went to high school together, and we had several mutual friends. We didn’t start dating until years and years later when we were put in each other’s path at work. Brittany became my best friend.”

Sashia loves Brittany for many reasons. “What I love most about Brittany is her heart, her smile, and how good she always smells. She’s so patient, loving and makes me complete in so many ways.” Brittany loves everything about Sashia. “I love ALL of Sashia the most! She has a big heart filled with faith, and that I admire the most. She has a sweet smile, glowing personality and always keeps me in check. She fills me up when my cup is empty. I honestly feel like she was placed on this planet for me!”

The couple have so many funny moments, but love their romantic moments together, “at home with a candle lit dinner, rose petals around the house and slow music in the background. We had a really long week and we were able to sit in each other's presence and reconnect.”


On July 3rd, Brittany proposed to Sashia during the fireworks, “The proposal was absolutely everything! It was such a beautiful moment and the timing was perfect.” 

They are planning to have their wedding on July 8, 2023 at the Hudson Wedding Venue in Wichita, Kansas. “Our colors are mauve, ivory, greenery, and champagne with Pampas Grass as the accent.”

The Location

I’m always happy to give recommendations for everyone, but I always encourage that it should be at a place that has meaning and/or special to them. Sashia and Brittany chose to do their photoshoot at Hermosa Beach. “Hermosa Beach was our first vacation as a couple. We felt it would only be right to go back to the beginning — where it all started.”


Hermosa Beach is an intimate beachfront village, located in the South Gate region of the Los Angeles Country area. It is one of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles County because of the surf, good swimming areas, and various volleyball nets along the sand. The most popular area is near the pier where there are different shops, restaurants and other festivals.  Some events at Hermosa Beach include volleyball tournaments and surf festivals that take place throughout the year for visitors and residents. Metered street parking is available.