The Couple

Ivy and Jay’s relationship was one that neither saw coming, especially in the middle of a pandemic, “My unexpected friend request to him on Facebook thinking he resembled someone I knew and him messaging me thinking I was a spam account moments after - here we are 8 months happily dating.  Will never forget the feeling of seeing each other for the first time at the airport, it felt like we’ve known each other for a long time.”

When I started talking to Ivy, we chatted for a while just going over how I normally work in couple sessions and what she and Jay are like together. I knew they liked to have fun, but boy do they love to have a lot of fun. Each pose they did made them burst into laughter, “Our funniest moment would be pretending like we are actors and do skits. It’s always a fail because neither of us can take it seriously and we just burst out laughing uncontrollably. When you find someone matches your crazy, who feels like your safe space and home, you keep them and cherish them.”

What they love most about each other is how effortless their relationship is, “These are just a few of how we’re opposites, but we definitely balance each other out.”  They bring out the best in each other, sharing in the same morals and values. One of Ivy’s most romantic moments is when Jay flew down from California to visit her, “Most romantic would be him flying down to Washington to see and meet me in person, despite the pandemic and all the chaos that was happening in 2020. He’s always been consistent with his efforts. It’s been proven time and time again that you will never have to question what wants to stay with you.” 

The Location

Hilltop Park is located in Signial Hill, California and is best known for its panoramic view of the city. Ivy and Jay choose this location for their photoshoot because, “It’s such a hidden gem that offers breathtaking views all around.”


It was really overcast that morning so I didn’t get a clear shot of the city but my favorite part is the quote on the walkway leading up to the view it reads: “Here on this hill, what perspective to see our world, ourselves, with clarity. Each point of view repositioning, living, vibrant, inspiring. We come to this place, when life gets too fast to reflect on time, make a sunset last, consider what has come to pass. Signal fire, water tower, oil gusher of black gold, layers of the past, shadowed images recalled. The surface hints of what you can’t touch to know. Earth upon water, a secert well hidden below.”