Janisley and Ruben were visiting Los Angeles, not only to celebrate Janisley's birthday, but to officially tie the knot!

The Couple

The couple met thirteen years ago in their hometown of San Jose de las Lajas in Cuba!  Ruben said, “We were introduced by friends (we had) in common at a party and we fell in love that same day.” They have a ten month old baby, Alex. “He became our world — there is no higher love than the one we feel for him.”

Since the couple got married the day before meeting up with me, Janisley planned on wearing her wedding dress, but opted for an outfit change instead of her wedding dress. 

Ruben recalled their special day,  “It was an amazing day, our best friends came from Miami.  She was the most beautiful wife ever.  I was super happy and nervous.”  The couple shared why they chose California.  “We love the city and environment here, it is the perfect destination to get married.”

They wanted to take photos at Santa Monica Pier because they “fell in love with the sunset by the Pier.”