The Couple

Angel and Andrew met in college and have been dating for six years. At first, Angel was a little nervous for their first date, but she was glad she went because it was the best date ever… did I mention that the first date lasted for eight hours?! “We love road trips, traveling, cooking together and we just got ourselves a puppy this year during the pandemic. We love sports: I was a college swimmer and he has experience as a rower so anything water related, we enjoy. Our home feels so complete.”

Angel loves Andrew's sense of humor, “He makes me laugh every single day or cry happy tears and I’m grateful for that. He makes me feel like my atmosphere is complete and that I’ve completely found my person in life, I’d roam the ends of this earth with him.”

Andrew loves waking up to Angel every morning, “She’s my sunshine and I’m beyond happy for that. I was a little introvert until I met her and she’s made my life so much better, fuller, and happier. I’m beyond blessed to have her as mine, especially after all these years.”

I always ask my couples if they have any words of advice for others and this is theirs, “Be yourself, we aren’t perfect by any means, enjoy the journey and what is meant to be, will stay. Have patience and laugh as much as you can. One thing we do each night, we say “what is your one good thing” about each other whether it’s something about the day or something in the moment. It’s kept our love strong and never go to bed angry, apologize when you can and see a lesson learned.”

The Location

Angel and Andrew chose to have their photoshoot at Lido Marina Village because, “It’s where we had our first date, on the peninsula and Balboa Island. With Lido being remodeled all these years, it was a perfect spot for our photos as I feel we’ve evolved all these years. It’s a part of our story, romantic, small town, and it shocks me how we didn’t run into each other sooner. Some people come into your life at the most random and perfect times, I’m so glad this is our story.”

Since I did this photoshoot at sunrise (7am), none of the shops were open yet, however, Lido Marina Village is a stylish, relaxed waterfront complex of boutiques, cafes & restaurants located in Newport Beach.