The Couple

After hearing Emma and Michael’s story, I was so excited to meet them and have some fun on this shoot! Emma and Michael in a nutshell, “We met in 8th Grade at a tie-dye, pool party. We became best friends in High School, and started dating when we were 16. We went to different colleges and dated long-distance for four years. We got to spend an amazing semester together in Spain, and traveling together was so much fun. After college, we moved in together and have been having amazing adventures together in Los Angeles. We love trying new vegan food, visiting National Parks, and snuggling.”

Emma and Michael have practically grown up together since they have been dating since they were kids, “I don’t think either of us expected to be where we are today. But everyday, we kept wanting to spend it together. We’re best friends, and whether we’re spending all day watching Netflix and eating Mac & Cheese or exploring a cool neighborhood in Paris, we have so much fun. I feel so lucky to have someone so so wonderful in my life.”

When Michael rubs Emma‘s feet after a long day she thinks it’s the most romantic thing, “What I love most about Michael is how selflessly kind and giving he is. He cares so deeply for others, and all he wants is to make people happy. He’s so chill, will always stop us to point out a puppy, and he is a great partner.”

What Micahel loves most about Emma is, “Emma’s love of family and passion for learning inspires me every day. I love how hard working and self motivated Emma is. She teaches me something new everyday and  I’m so lucky to have her in my life. I also love that she loves chocolate and puppies, and of course I love her beautiful smile.”

Their funniest moment happened on their first anniversary together, “A man came up to our table, slapped some money on our table and said “you two are the most attractive young couple I’ve ever seen, let me cover your dessert.”

The Beach

Honestly, who cares about the location when you have a couple like Emma and Michael.