When I first got into lifestyle photography it was because I wanted to photograph the journey of parenthood (maternity, newborn and family). Before I met the Sosa’s for their session, Lissette had shared her outfits with me and I fell in love with her “Beyoncé” dress (to be honest, I’m a fan of a good flowy maxi dress). Their session was so much fun and the love between these two shined bright (just like the golden hour light we had for their session). 

During sessions, my secret to capturing candid moments is by asking the couple to talk or think about the baby, the room, etc. I remember asking them if they knew the baby’s name and they told me Lucas, (if you've been keeping up with my blogs by now you know that’s one of my favorite names because it’s the name of my sweet nephew), for the Sosa’s, the baby’s name “comes from both our fathers middle names.” 

While I knew a little about the Sosa’s (like how they own a restaurant in Los Angeles), later I learned more of the ‘how’ they got pregnant, “We did IVF... it was a series of a ton of shots and pregnancy tests... they tell you not to test, buuuut, there I was, freaking out over the color of every line.”

Thirty-five is the average age of females when their natural fertility begins to show a marked decline. By age 40, a woman’s natural chance of pregnancy is less than 5% per cycle.

-fertility answers

The infertility struggle is real and can affect both men and women in their journey towards having a family, “Any woman who has lost a pregnancy knows the fears you feel every step of the way. It’s a balancing act of falling in love with what is within, and being scared to be hurt again. I am grateful for today, every day, and when I feel pain or that heartburn wakes me in the middle of the night , I just remind myself that’s what I paid for.” They are looking forward to the blessing of their baby and how it will transform them not only as people but as a family. 

They are expecting their baby early June and decorating the nursery with the best children stories (Totoro, The Little Prince, Where the Wild Things Are etc.). They shared the exciting news with a cute photo of them in front of the Christmas tree.

To the TTC Community

(TTC - trying to conceive) I want to preface this post by addressing anyone out there going through infertility, IVF, secondary infertility, miscarriage, loss of heavy heart of any kind in this arena. I know reading pregnancy news is extremely triggering. 

Please never forget that you are strong and worthy of all the joy you are seeking. I am sending you love, hope and healing. I see you.