The Expecting Parents

While the world was shutting down, Andrea and Erwin just found out they were pregnant. 

“My pregnancy has been a roller coaster of emotions. As it’s my first pregnancy, I wanted to enjoy it more with friends and family. However, the pandemic has isolated my husband and I. It’s forced me to go to doctor’s appointments alone as my husband is on FaceTime. Thank God for FaceTime because that has helped us stay in contact with our family and friends.”

The couple told their parents they were expecting after their first ultrasound and announced it on social media three months later. Andrea has been craving a lot of Chick-fil-A and frozen yogurt. Even with all the unknown in the world, Andrea and Erwin will never forget the first time they heard the baby’s heartbeat and when they found out they were having a BOY! They also picked the perfect name for their son (which is coincidentally the same name as my nephew xoxo). 

“Lucas is a biblical name which means "light”. Finding out we were pregnant during a pandemic and a very difficult time was hard. However, his arrival has brought us so much light, happiness, and joy.”

While everyone is ready to cancel 2020, Andrea and Erwin are looking forward to the arrival of their baby boy that is due at the end of November.  

“We are both looking forward to passing our legacy and watching our little boy grow into a respectable man. Sharing new memories and experiences with him. We’re also looking forward to the unknown that comes with motherhood/fatherhood.”

The Studio

Since I’m a natural light and lifestyle photographer, I was extremely intimated by the whole studio thing, but I knew it was something Andrea really wanted so (breathe) I put my fears aside and found the studio for The Rodriguez Family to have the white background they were looking for. Not only were we in Downtown Los Angeles, but the flower district (I definitely grabbed some flowers after the shoot) so parking is a little crazy, luckily I found something close to the studio. More importantly, The Rodriguez Family loved the studio once inside, it was really big, lots of space with the white wall, grass wall, black wall, and more. My favorite part of the studio was of course the windows because I was able to still use natural light! 

Andrea and Erwin knew exactly what they wanted for their shoot, white wall and a black and white photos. They allowed me to be creative with posing them and catching their candid moments. Towards the end of the session, Lucas was moving around a little and Andrea was able to comfort him, just feeling around to make sure he was settled in okay. 

Congratulations to Andrea and Erwin on their first baby, it was such a pleasure to be able to photograph this moment for them!