When I first talked to Helena and Chris they wanted to do their photoshoot at an iconic Los Angeles location. However, after seeing a few of my photos they wanted to do something at the beach, so I suggested Santa Monica Pier. I mean really name a better iconic Los Angeles beach than Santa Monica Pier.

This was one of the best third-wheel dates that I’ve been on in a while because they were down to have some fun and weren't afraid to put their feet in the water.

The Couple

Helena and Chris met during a job interview, “Chris interviewed me for a residency spot.  I can't say I remember him, but apparently I left an impression on him. We then met about 4 years ago during a conference meeting. Chris decided to crash an alumni dinner for my training program and the rest is history.”

Even though Helena and Chris spend their relationship long-distance, early in their relationship, they talked about long-term commitment. One of their most funniest (and cheesiest) moments together was a few weeks prior to their first date. Helena remembers, “Through a mutual friend, he sent me a pop rock ring and said that one day he will marry me.” Later, Chris proposed at the Griffith Observatory during sunset. They enjoy traveling and exploring new countries together also, “love hiking, running and cooking together.”

Their love for one another shows in every photo. Helena loves that “Chris is always my number one fan. He always supports me in all of my endeavours! And who are we kidding? He is pretty handsome too.” Chris loves that Helena is, “Thoughtful, caring and selfless. She is always thinking about the wellbeing of others. Early on she always had my favorite snacks during my weekend visits and now she makes it a point to make every minute together special.”

The Location

If you’ve never been to Santa Monica Pier before, like I mentioned, it is the most popular beach in Los Angeles. The pier was so crowded, you wouldn't know just last year this place was closed. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, but it’s perfect for a date night. This double-jointed pier has a small amusement park (my personal favorite is the merry go-round - this is currently still closed, but the other rides are open), concession stands, and an area to take in the views on the pier and for fishing.