The Family

While Erika and Chen enjoy traveling and exploring, like the rest of us, they have been staying at home during the pandemic. The biggest milestone that happened this year to the family is having their new baby, Emerson. Their most memorable moment is when their daughter, Eleanor and son met for the first time.  

If you’re stuck on what to wear for your photoshoot, feel free to use this family as an outfit inspiration guide. It’s all in the details! Ditch the sport watches and hair ties on the wrists. Adding in a statement necklace, bracelets, or your nice watch can provide the perfect amount of punch to any outfit!  Also, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures, it brings out the balance in all of you.

During the pandemic, Erika and Chen want other families to keep in mind that, “Reframing the mindset to just enjoy how slowed down things are and time with family”.

The Park

Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park, located in Rowland Heights, is the perfect park to properly social distance as it is a 575-acre facility with hand-curated trail maps in areas for walking, hiking, picnics, children's play area, six different hiking trails, youth camping, soccer, tennis, and more. The three easy trails range from 2.3 to 4.1 miles and from 462 to 1,348 feet above sea level. 

Youth tennis lessons are offered year-round and exercise classes are free of charge. There is a new “Life Trail” exercise area, a federally protected blue-line stream and the remaining acres of the park have been left in their natural state and crisscross with hiking, biking and horseback riding trails that connect to the historic Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail.