The Soon-To-Be Parents

When Buckley and Kyle first found out they were expecting, they were about to go on a 7-mile hike in Moab, Utah. “It was 5:00 am when I took a test and laid in on the sink. I made Kyle go look at the test and he ran back into the room and said, “so there’s two blue lines and I think that means....” and smiled really big. It was hard to keep it a secret but we loved knowing we had our little bean hiking through Arched and other parts of Moab with us.” They shared the good news with everyone on social media. 

Pregnancy for the soon-to-be mom has been an incredible experience. “My first trimester, I was really sick and slept a ton, but since about 16 weeks, it has been really neat. We have an incredibly active baby and she kicks constantly throughout the day. We thank God for blessing us with this little life everyday and can’t wait to meet her!” She craves crazy bread from Little Caesar’s and COLD chocolate milk the most! Buckley and Kyle are having a girl and chose the color scheme: dusty rose and mustard with navy, deep teal and natural wood accents. 

With their first baby girl on the way, they are filled with excitement! “We are most looking forward to having a new adventure partner and watching her experience all of the firsts. We have a dog that has been very aware of my pregnancy since the beginning and we can’t wait to watch them bond and be best friends on all of our hiking/camping/road trips!”

The Beach

This couple were the first to ever agree to do a sunrise (6:45am) session with me! I was so excited to get the day started… Sunrise coast drive to the beach… Check!... Starbucks coffee… Check!... 105.9 FM (country station in Santa Barbara)... Check! Check! Check! I had all the boxes checked, I never once checked the weather because once I stepped out of my heat blasting car, I was cold!

We met at the Arroyo Burro Beach (the locals call it Hendry’s Beach), surrounded by tall bluffs with parks and trails. Even though it was freezing, the sunrise behind the rocks was gorgeous! The best part is there weren’t a lot of people (only a few working out or with their dogs) on the beach since it was so early in the morning.